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My Family Betrayal

Our family is heart-hurting me. My family does whatever they can to hurt me. I was adopted out as a baby. My whole life, as I battled with depression and Fetal Alcohol Effects, and mental illnesses, my family went just … Continue reading

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Evil Sister Terrorizes Sister and Mother

I am being Evicted from my mother’s land and my sister is making me go to court and making me pay for court cost and she is leaving my mother by myself and has made it so difficult for me … Continue reading

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Screwed Over by Family

I always grew up thinking it was normal to be bullied physically, mentally, emotionally, endlessly. I was always shamed, blamed and in trouble. Fast forward to age 61 and nothing has changed. I always hoped that somehow this ‘normal’ could … Continue reading

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Betrayed by Family too

I have also been betrayed by family in the worst way possible by 3 adult siblings (and a couple of their spouses). My story is so unbelievable that I don’t tell anyone ever about it, not even other victums. It … Continue reading

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Betrayed by My Family

I also know what it is like to be betrayed again and again by my family. Just tonight I rang my father to tell him I’d found the mother and her child that my sister had denied was the result … Continue reading

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I Get Family Betrayal

I truly, truly understand what the people who are betrayed by their families are going through. I have been betrayed by my daughter and son-in-law. They were experiencing cash flow problems, so I lent them a lot of money in … Continue reading

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I Tried to Be Good but Was Betrayed by My Own Family

I’m crying after reading How to Get Over Betrayal by Family. My whole life I tried to be the good daughter but the harder I tried the more my family beat up on me. I was the scapegoat. Every single … Continue reading

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Pain of Family Betrayal

Oh my, the pain, the hurt, the betrayal, the estrangement, and the loneliness! I feel it all but I also feel love and gratitude. I know who I don’t want to be and I thank those people who aren’t family … Continue reading

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Betrayed by Son and His Wife

I did too much for my son he had no father in his life I felt guilty so I indulged gave into his demands and soon realized nothing I could do for him was ever enough he left school early … Continue reading

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