Betrayed by Family too

I have also been betrayed by family in the worst way possible by 3 adult siblings (and a couple of their spouses). My story is so unbelievable that I don’t tell anyone ever about it, not even other victums. It basically involved 3 adult siblings in their 40s teaming up, “getting rid of” my parents in order to take their house and money, and get their inheritances immediately instead of waiting for our parents to die on their own. One of the parents was also horrible (like them), the other a good person (like me). In the process they also tried to “get rid of” me (i ran and hid for my life basically), I can only assume to get my share of inheritance. It doesn’t end there either. They did the same thing to one of the spouses parents for inheritance, “got rid” of them. Sick sick people. Yet from the outside they appeared to be nice decent respectable people. They were very good at wearing masks.

The why:

What I want everyone to know that’s here is that many times these relatives have a personality disorder and are a narcissist, sociopath or a psychopath (this term isn’t used anymore clinically). It runs in families which is why an entire family can be narcissists or sociopaths. They are all part of a group of personality disorders called “cluster b” personality disorders. They all share a complete lack of empathy for others, and are not capable of feeling remorse or guilt no matter what they’ve done. Selfishness and being self centered is also prominent. They just don’t care about anyone but themselves and aren’t capable of caring – their brains are wired differently. They can murder their own mother or their own child and really not care, like they were stepping on a bug or something.

Where we come in:

Many times in a “cluster b” family, one (or more) child will NOT have inherited the personality disorder. The child will usually be more sensitive, have empathy for others, believe in doing the right things, etc. This can even go to an extreme to the point of being what’s called an “empath”. These normal and nice people like us born into a family of narcissists or sociopaths become the target, or the “scapegoat”. The reason we are attacked and betrayed is because we are GOOD PEOPLE and they are not – they are like a pack of wolves wearing “nice people masks”.

Please research narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths to get an understanding of how your family was capable of doing to you what they did. Sadly this will also make you aware that unfortunately there really is no hope with them and you’re best bet is to disappear from the lives and break all contact for the rest of your life. The current term is going “no contact”. It’s hard and I think about them daily, but I know what they are, and they are incapable of being anything else. And I will not let them have another chance to betray me again or be responsible for my demise (where they failed the first time).

Knowing the reason doesn’t make things better but it will make you understand why and how it happened to you. Be strong and make your own life completely independent of them.