How to Get Over Betrayal by Family

Who would have thought you would be betrayed by your own family? These are the people you trusted, you grew up with, they’re supposed to have your back, not stab you in the back. Regardless, welcome to the real world with one hell of a wakeup call, so now you need to know how to get over betrayal by family members.

You must come to grips with the fact that betrayal by family members is quite common and has been going on for years. This is a key component of some of the greatest stories and melodramas of all time. There’s something terribly unsettling with not being able to trust your own family.

Who is better qualified to break you down and expose you for every weakness you have, or any misstep you’ve ever made but the people who know you best and have been the closest to you. Even the Bible warns of it, “your worst enemies will be the members of your own family” (Matthew 10:36) and if that wasn’t enough, try this on for size, “Even those closest to you–your parents, brothers, relatives, and friends–will betray you. They will even kill some of you” (Luke 21:16).

While you might expect to be the victim of betrayal of friends or most anyone, it never occurs to you that your family might be the ones who turn out to be the most toxic individuals, or your enemies, until it happens to you and you’re left having to deal with betrayal.

You can rack your brain and tear up your heart by trying to figure out why, so to put your mind at ease, so you can get on to the business of dealing with the betrayal by your family, one of the most common reasons you might be betrayed by family is jealousy.

If you’re in a position to enjoy life more fully and completely than your family member who feels he or she is more deserving, they might be tempted to throw a wrench into the machine to cause your potential success to fail. (You might remember this if you have siblings, as there is a constant struggle for familial support.)

A family member might want to knock you down a peg or two in an effort to even the playing field or even usurp their authority over you as if to prove you couldn’t possibly make it without them (and they will destroy you if they have to, to prove it).

Your parent, sibling, or another member of your family might just be a control freak and seek to control you and many areas of your life. Just try exerting your own independence and watch them rear their ugly heads to take notice and knock you down. Then kick you while you’re down there just to teach you a lesson.

Then there are the haters, those negative people who can’t help themselves, their first thought is to attack anyone, for no apparent reason, just to spread the hate. They are hardwired to be hatemongers and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Regardless of why you have been betrayed by your family, nothing hurts worse than being betrayed by those who are closest to you leaving heartfelt wounds and scars, and you must take steps to protect yourself from this kind of abuse.

Do not waste your energy arguing and fighting with the family who has betrayed you.

If you want to know how to get over the betrayal by family members, you have to distance yourself from the abuse. In a sense, you must disavow and relation to the members of your family who have turned against you. I don’t mean to lie to yourself, or anyone else about being related to them, but you must stop treating them like family if they have posted up to treat you as their enemy.

You must treat betraying family members just like anyone else who might abuse or betray you. You need to protect yourself from the abuse and not create opportunities for them to further abuse, trash, or attack you in any way.

When you are attacked by a member of your family, you must treat this person just as you would any other toxic person in your life.

There is life after betrayal. Bless them because they are your family, but walk away, and brush their dirt from your shoes. Don’t look back, and just keep walking.

A genuine family member would support you in all that you do and bless you as you make your own way. They want to see you become the best person you can be and enjoy the best life you could have, even help you in making it happen.

Real family loves and supports you no matter what you’re going through, in your best moments, and those less glamorous, and they love you just the way you are.

If not, you must protect yourself.

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32 thoughts on “How to Get Over Betrayal by Family”

  1. I’m crying after reading this. My whole life I tried to be the good daughter but the harder I tried the more my family beat up on me. I was the scapegoat. Every single success I had was met with name calling or criticism or beatings. Even as an adult, I was treated differently from my siblings. There was one point in my life where my sister betrayed me and my children then I found out through my father, so matter of factly, that he and my mother were also behind it. One could say I was conspired against. The worst part about this was I was just on the crux of ‘making it’ it a very competitive industry. They sabotaged me so badly that I was in financial ruin and couldn’t attend a huge presentation for one of my projects. I missed something so special to me. I had been working on it for years. But that wasn’t the end of it. Even from afar they would call people up and tell them what a rotten mother I was. My mother died recently and nobody bothered to tell me. Not that I shed a tear since I can’t imagine my worst enemy doing what she did to me throughout my childhood. But again, my siblings probably raided the house. She died without ever saying she was sorry or was proud of me or loved me. This happens to a lot with people. And since we still go by ‘honour your parents’, people don’t talk about the abuse and betrayal at the hands of their own family. This leads to self blame and a continuation of attracting sabatours. I told my doctor, I get better treatment from strangers than my own family. Knowing my history, she said she wasn’t surprised. In my case, I will probably never see any of my family again. Which, logically, I know is the right thing for me, but I still need to give up and truly mourn the dream of ever having a loving father and siblings.

    1. As long as we have a relationship with God, we have a family. God is so awesome, HE even allow us who have been hurt, to be family. Keep smiling! Stay encouraged and keep on trusting God! God Loves you and so do I!

      1. God loves us. Fact. My sister usurped my son,, told his wife( with whom I’d had issues with- like stealing my sleep and pain meds) my son knew,, Im out of US,, alone in Mx…. I pray
        everyday for The Lord to undo the estrangement…. I have offered “ i will apologize,,I was a good mother,, my son and 3 children lived with me 9 years, the baby growing up with me,, They have cut off that I can talk or see 20 year old— she was filled with half truths,/lies…Im ready to die from this pain I have a dog and cat I love,, so I stay until they are gone,,as they are pure love… i cannot handle this pain and all the lies My sister is a narcissist,, Im 77,, took me years, accepting her abuse, to understand,,

    2. We have lived the same reality, only in my family was an NPD father with very long history of estrangements (his own mother, his father, his sister, his brother, and when they all died he continued the estrangements with their brothers and sisters and their children). A younger brother and much younger sister could never see or hear or feel what I was living, daily. When mom got sick and I was there for her, they all put a stop to it. They forced my good mother to die alone. They cannot STAND to see others receiving love and attention. My NPD father seems to have taught those who spent the most time with him that one should never waste their time on people who are caring because they are losers. He taught his youngest grandchildren to lie and manipulate and be sneaky and nasty. This last smear campaign happened over two years ago and I am through with all of them. I have learned that half of my family are mentally ill, the other half gullible or just naïve, or just don’t really care about anyone else in the family that may need care. That’s all there is to it. One must realize that one will die and never have love and support from these cruel and self-obsessed “people.” Hurt still happens but one must face reality eventually.
      Like you, I never hurt a fly. Like in your life, my own father destroyed any positive efforts I made or was in the midst of making to secure my future. I was good, caring, giving. They are and were cold and cruel to almost everyone else who was nice or acted like an adult. I could only survive this past year by pretending they are all dead. I look forward to creating a new family for myself, this time I get to choose those members I want! If you were near me, I’d want you for a family member.

    3. I can relate. It’s more grief than others know, if they haven’t experienced it firsthand. One grieves not just the loss of people they love, or the trust they (mis)placed, or the presence of the ones who betrayed you (especially if they’ve passed away): one also grieves the person they thought they were, the life they could have had, and the better choices they wish they could have made (if one had only been able to see better.
      For me, I don’t have much time (at this point) to grieve it all at once. So I grieve them each as they come up. And I let go and refocus. I have to.
      The one thing you have, that so many people never learn, is to finally see the world as it truly is, not as you want it to be. I hold on to this, myself. Because I know no one can ever betray me that way again. My eyes are far too open now.
      I don’t know you. But you’re not alone. I’ve never met you. But, if we’re anything alike, I can say (with certainty) your family lost more than you did. No matter what. All they have left (when the real people leave) are each other: a den of terrified vipers. Grieve them. Be angry as needed. But pity them as well. You’ve escaped their hell. As long as they think as they do they have to live with that uncertainty: a fear of the world, each other, perpetuated constantly by themselves. We have escaped their hell. They dig themselves deeper in suffering, each and every day. I hope this helps.

    4. Am going through similar. Backwards South Asian Tamil family – entire family made use of me. Starting with my father, the root of all evil, cause of my having had to live a life of servitude, treated as a nobody, with every female, aunt, cousin his 2nd wife – envious, greedy and jealous. For what? My paternal grandfather’s home, part which I am to receive on my father’s demise. A house, property, money I don’t care for, never wanted. They ruined my life, my home, sanity and health, even my new relationship. I am now struggling to get work – a graduate marketing professional. No thanks to all the intimidation, underhanded, behind the scenes drama my no good useless father and his family created. Had I known of this ‘so called’ wealth and how it was to pass on to me, I would have walked out of that family 10 years. As it is I struggling through the nightmare – getting blamed, turned on, gossiped about because I chose to leave. Chose not be everyone’s maid. And still father and his 2nd wife the she devil cannot leave me alone. It is easy to say walk away n wish them well. I can’t. For over 40 years of misery, of which I had no clue. I think, feel, monsters like these deserve every hell they dole out to persons like me.

  2. I know your pain all too well. I’m sorry that you are going thru this. 25 years ago my family decided to stop having contact with me because I chose to live a different life than what they had planned for me. I didn’t follow their rules. I was married and had a career and a home of my own. I was devastated and tried everything I could to communicate and ask why. I got no response for a year and then my sister called and said she missed me and we resumed our relationship. Fast forward to today. I found out yesterday that my sister, who I have trusted, has been lying to me. She has pretended to not having anything to do with my mother and two brothers. I haven’t heard from her in a week and went to her daughters Facebook page and found that my sister and family are on vacation with my brothers and mother. I’ll admit, it hurt. I now have no family. I’m not going to even accept her calls and I feel no need to explain myself. Sometimes the people whom we think are the safest aren’t. I’m 61 years old and seeing other people enjoying their families always makes me a bit sad. One thing I can advise is to take care of yourself. Know that you have purpose in this life and are loved. Surround yourself with people who genuinely care. You deserve only the best.❤️

  3. Amen times Two!! I’m sick to my stomach I just found and read a codicil to my moms last will and testament which I don’t believe I was supposed to find this one! This blows my mind she has gifted her airplane hanger and her house at Conchas lake in NM. About five years ago she let him on her credit an account and he stole over $20,000 and now he put his name on her pontoon boat I think he’s in trouble right I need a lawyer fast before something happens and he ended up with everything even this house and I live in if my mom I do not know what has come over him he tells me he never wants to talk to me again and he hates me don’t even let his grandma and his mom see our grandson. I believe, is in order here I also believe you wouldn’t have ever done it without the help of his narcissistic wife who is helped him steal money from my mom I grow more sick to my stomach when I realized she made him a pair on her life insurance my name is supposed to be there I can’t believe this. I promised my mom that I would do everything in my power to get her money back and the pontoon boats and the keys to her house so she can enjoy it she has not been allowed your own house for about 3 years now what’s wrong with kids these days ? He was real close to us before he met his narcissistic wife they’ve been together 14 years now. I’m over them. Karma take over

  4. My parents are both gone. They were the best parents ever. I was very lucky to have such wonderful parents. However, abuse is taking place in my family and it’s taken me years to identify. I have an older brother who married to a control freak and an older sister who is jealous of my success. It’s toxic. It’s covert. It’s underhand and it’s so subtle that it’s really hard to articulate. I could go on, but what I want to get round to saying is that after all my crying I am moving on. I have one beautiful little girl. She’s an only child and I take strength from that. Here I am fretting over a life without my brother and sister, when that’s exactly what my little one is destined for. She will have no siblings to worry about. She will therefore be very self reliant and independent. If she can do it, so can I!

    People who abuse in any way are to be pitied. They are not happy. I am enjoying my new village. It’s full of strong minded women and I am making it my business to surround myself with strong minded positive people. My door will always be open for my family should they decide to knock because deep down I love them, but I am learning to not rely on anyone but myself and I see it as a growth experience. It feels good to feel my heart learning.

    Move on and grow.

  5. I am going through the same thing. But I have done my crying and am moving on. It’s harming you and you don’t deserve it. You need to walk away – in your heart. Find some positive strong people and start to give your good heart away where it will be appreciated. Go and score some points! It takes time to get over what you are going through. But you can and you will. Its a shock to learn that your family are not who you thought they were. Stuff em!!!

  6. It’s all so common isn’t it? My Mother died over a year ago (Father died 30 years ago), she left (surprisingly) 50/50 of her estate to my Sister and I. We spent a year dealing with her affairs, all was absolutely great between us, for the first time I felt I had a family. Then it came to the distribution of funds, boom, what a change. My dearest Sister even tried to com my Daughter ( her God Daughter (7 years old)) out of small inheritance, the problem was that this was done on a verbal agreement by my Mother.

    Our family was dysfunctional, Narcissistic abuse was prevalent, my Sister was the Golden Child, and I was the Scapegoat. I have been reading about NPD for over 15 years now and it is like a mental cancer in people, or a Demonic presence passed from one generation to the next. After trying everything for years to try and be treated like a human being I have now gone no contact.

    I really like this site page, it’s one of the best I’ve read on betrayal, it deals with betrayal, but if you want to see how far the rabbit hole goes read about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, my guesstimate would be the majority of folk here are in the Narcissists spiders web.

    Look after yourselves and cut out the cancer!

    All the best!!!

  7. I send love and best wishes to everyone on this site. I know that sometimes it’s the people who you would take a bullet for that are the ones behind the trigger. My siblings decided at the end of my 23 year marriage, which was so abusive at the end, including rape, that I wasn’t worth anything to family when I escaped. In fact, they only listened to the Brother In Law and all his quite frankly ridiculous false allegations (abusers will have you labelled a nutcase within a heartbeat, so scared of anyone finding out what they are behind closed doors). Even |I am impressed with quality of his character assassinations. So Far, he has alienated my daughter, twin brother and older sister. I am the fool for trusting in so called family. With rape counselling and the help of friends, I understand that the people you used to think had your back betray you, you have to let them and their abusive ways go. I’ve had a proper hate campaign waged against me. It’s more about their own unhappiness and egos. Nobody needs negativity and abuse in their lives. Everyone is worth something despite people trying to deliberately harm your well being. Nobody is more important than you and your health. Make sure you look after yourselves. Love and peace to all.

  8. After 36 years I have finally come to the conclusion that the family I came from are not who they say they are and never were. My mother died one day prior to my birthday which was hard enough to deal with but it was how everyone in my so called family wanted this or that of my mother’s possessions. All they were thinking about was themselves. Anyhow, I just found out two days ago that after 36 years, my aunt who just passed away, had possession of all that my grandmother had including all the rings that my other aunt and my mother had including even our grandmother’s rings. Now everyone over there are fighting, quarreling and squabbling over who gets what! How sickening. What frustrates me is that I have a picture of my mother in the coffin she was laid to rest in wearing her jewellery so I assumed she she was buried with them on which is how it should have been. Lo and behold after 36 years I found out that that was not the case and that her jewellery was in someone else’s possession. I feel betrayed by my own family including my sister by all the things that have happened over the last 36 years with all the lies, deceitfulness, betrayal along with not even keeping in touch with me in any way just to say hello once in awhile or maybe see how I am doing or if I am even alive. I spoke to a pastor who agrees that as hard as it may be I need to forgive them for how they have been all these years even though we will never forget and as Jesus said, not to associate with these type of people or have them be a part of your life.

  9. I didn’t read all the comments but the ones I did talked about sibling betrayal. Unfortunately, mine comes from my mother and my 2 older children (adults now) I do see the signs that I regret ignoring in the past where my own mother indoctrinated my children against me. I just couldn’t bring myself to accept she was putting all this rotten ideas in their heads so I assumed they would be smart enough and realize that what she was saying was simply NOT true. The turning point and realization was when my daughter asked by my mom called the police on me and try with everything they had to have me arrested. And my son’s only question to them was if I was indeed arrested? For the first time in my life I do feel depressed as I don’t want to keep going on living. It hurts me to think my children are suffering thinking I was the worst mother to them and it mind bugles me to see that they are distorting their whole lives so it fits with the story that my mom has put in their heads. I am suffering greatly.

  10. I one hundred percent relate to you. When I was 18 I went out with my sister and her boyfriend on New Years’ and we all got super drunk. Later that night he raped me and the following day I felt so disgusted that I washed away thr evidence and spent the rest of the day in the shower. I finally told my sister and eventually the rest of my immediate family what happened and my mom & sister did not believe me. I have cut off all ties to my sister who is still dating him. My mom and I are on a rocky boat as she hangs out with them and doesn’t seem to understand why that upsets and hurts me. I hope you healed from that, being taken advantage of and betrayed by your family is not an easy thing to get over.

  11. I really empathise with you.

    I have been betrayed by my brother and mother at the time of my fathers death. You’d think there would be love and support at these times.

    No, instead I was a scapegoat.

    And yes there is an enormous stigma in our society Re loving & honouring thy mother & father.
    However what about when they emotionally abuse & betray you?

    There is a lot to grieve when this happens, and very hard to find good therapists who specialise in the healing of adult children who have suffered at the hands of parents & siblings.
    Nothing hurts like family betrayal. Nothing in the world.
    I wish you well.

  12. Youngest of four very dysfunctional siblings. I’ve been their scapegoat for most of my life and was the caretaker and supportive one. They betrayed me with slander and lies after our mother passed , to discredit me. I was always there for her until she died. Where were they all that time? They were far removed and left it to me, only showing up on the last day of her life. It made me angry because I’d had no support from any of them all those years, emotionally or otherwise. I’d been the sole caretaker. I’m very hurt and bitter over the betrayal, even after all these years. If they had given me a sincere apology somewhere along the way and owned up to their betrayal, I may have been able to forgive them. It’s obvious they’re not sorry, and even more obvious that I’m not even worth an apology. They will never admit to their wrongdoing because they don’t want their children and grandchildren to know the whole truth. They’ll take their dark little secrets to their grave.

  13. I have the youngest sister talking down to me, and at times cruel. My middle sister, has mood swings, depression, is down on her luck. She has always been a bit emotionally labile. She tries to tell me what is wrong with me. They meet up without me then post it on fb. I have been married for 34 years, have degrees, have traveled some in my younger days. I have enough emotional energy for my life despite having two handicapped sons. I go to church. I used to beg to see them, and jump through hurdles and let them call the shots, but I know see their attempts shallow. I am beginning to tell the difference between a genuine invitation, and the way my sister invitations sound. I love them, but I refuse to accept a meeting that has rules, regulations, conditions. That is not an invitation that is love based.

  14. Please remember you have a Heavenly Father who will never let you down. He doesn’t give us EVERYTHING we ask for bc sometimes what we want isn’t what we need. But if you stay in faith, God will give you everything you need. He loves you and only wants you to know that all good things come from Him. It sounds like your family didn’t teach you these things, I could be wrong, but they aren’t walking the path so why would they want you to, ya know? But just say a simple prayer to The Lord. Tell him you believe that Jesus was sent as the Son of God to give his blood as a sacrifice for your sin. So that all you need to do is ask forgiveness and it’s yours. Bc we all sin and fall short. But He knew we would and that’s why He did all that. Get yourself around people who believe the same thing and most specifically acknowledge Jesus as our Savior. If you start a church that doesn’t make you feel loved and accepted, find another church. You’ll find that knowing your Lord and Savior is walking with you through the storm, is all you need. And He will make another family for you. I pray for you and hope you heed these words of wisdom so that you can find the peace and joy that God meant for you to have. Remember you’ll still have problems, bc this world is mostly evil, but you will also know that this world isn’t all there is. Don’t repay evil for evil, just guard your heart by staying away from those with bad intentions. And if that’s impossible to do, Jesus will fix the situation eventually. In His perfect timing. Lean not on your own understanding. God has a plan for your life. Stay in faith and build your treasures in Heaven. If you are not familiar with these teachings or the Bible, get a young adults Bible and read some every day even if it’s only ten minutes. Start with Proverbs and find a Bible based church. Baptist is Bible based. Don’t veer towards Catholicism. It teaches you cannot ask God to forgive you but you have to go through a priest which the Bible says the kingdom of God is IN YOU. There are a lot of similarities and that’s the trick of it all. The difference are the dealbreakers. God bless you in your quest for wisdom. Pray for wisdom and discernment everyday and learn the Lord’s Prayer for when you don’t know what to pray. God knows your needs. He will provide everything else. Adversity is in our lives to build our character and teach us lessons. Stay strong my friend. Everything that’s happened to you is going to help you to help someone else who’s going through what you’ve been through or something similar. You will be a teacher someday and helping others to see we cannot let how we’ve been treated define us or our abilities. I love you and Jesus and God do too!!

  15. Betrayed, slandered, kicked to the curb by my two narcissistic older sisters. No justice for me, the scapegoat.

  16. In the Bible: Matthew says “Your family can be your worst enemies.”
    Money, Jealousy and Betrayal is a bad energy, especially if you are the victim. Everybody has a different experience, a different story to tell. The question is, why are good souls born into a family surrounded by toxic souls. The answer is, they are not really your family. Perhaps they were your enemies of past lives, only to be re-born into your family, again to cause destruction and to continue from where they left off in your past life. For all of you, who are going through these terrible times, may feel anger, at a loss and ashamed of the way certain family members behave. You may feel afraid to go it alone, because you might feel lonely; but ask yourself this: Do I not already feel lonely when I am in this family? What difference will it make if I go it alone?( I’m not saying venture into the unknown) For some of you, you will make up with your family. But for those of you, where there is no going back. Keep a low profile, save up, as much as you can, keep your bank cards and money safe always. And when the timing is right, move to that nice apartment what you love, and once you do, you will start to rebuild your self confidence. And what you will find, is that you will start to love your own company. Self containment is where true happiness is, right within you. Even a pet can be your best pal. A loving cat or dog, is not going to betray you. They are always there for you, no matter what.
    Take care everyone and I hope that you all re-build your lives, and may Beautiful days be ahead of you all.
    God Bless

  17. My mother was a control freak, very two faced and manipulative. My father was her spineless enabler who allowed her to make everyone’s lives in the family miserable. One brother tried to kill himself because of her. The same brother got heavily into drugs. He cleaned up his act for a while, but now he’s an alcoholic. My brothers all complained about my mother’s horrible behavior and my father’s enabling it, but after both parents were dead and they found out I was left out of the will, and that they were getting thousands of dollars more because of it, they turned against me making me the scapegoat. I was not notified of my father’s death until a month after he had died. The one brother that I thought understood the pain that my dysfunctional parents caused me my whole life turned out to be just as two faced, controlling and manipulative as my parents. Two of my brothers had been estranged from my parents but came crawling back when they saw the parents were aging. All they really were interested in was their big fat inheritance. I do think jealousy also played a part in it, as my husband has a very good job and we’ve always had nice vehicles, unlike those two estranged brothers.
    Most people think family is a sacred institution and that you’re obligated to put up with whatever “family” throws at you. They are real quick judge people who cut off their families, so I have only discussed the many things that happened with a few close friends. When you finally realize that family members really never cared about you in the first place, cutting them off is the greatest
    FREEDOM you’ll ever experience. As time goes by you will remember the terrible things they did and start to put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize how parents can manipulate everyone in the family into turning against you. As much as my brothers complained about my parents dysfunctional behavior, the weird thing is that they’ve adopted the same two faced games and tactics that my parents used. They are in essence carrying on the “family” legacy of control and manipulation. I wasn’t about to let them control me, as my parents had done. My parents are dead and gone and can’t hurt anyone anymore. I wasn’t going to let my brothers play the same games the remainder of my life.
    Cutting them off was the best thing I did for my own sanity, mental and psychical well being.

  18. 63 yrs old now. Even though my ND mother has been dead since 2015, her actions of abuse still appear to traumatize me with every death, by making sure she told why I shouldn’t be left a penny. What others that haven’t experienced as we have, it isn’t so much about the money, but reminding us how easy it was to have ourselves discarded. Found out my step dad had recently passed. Was trying to be tough , as my Sister had been in his ear from the time of mom’s death. First will was sent to me and I was included! Two months later find out all of his info had been put in a trust, myself excluded. Not sure how I am going to make it emotionally going forward this time. Tired of fighting the haters in my family- Even though I haven’t spoken to my sister since 2012. The greed is sick

  19. This was a blessing to read! There are 4 brothers in my family, myself included in the 4. The oldest is a sick lying thief. My mother came down with dementia and my oldest brother began plotting to steal my parents house for himself.
    He is an evil genius. It took about 15 years but he did it, he got the will changed by taking my mom to a sleaze “lawyer” when all she could by then was agree when he said right mom?

    I am poor, I wasn’t always, but I have survived two very awful open heart surgeries and then 3 strokes. I have been on disability for 8 years. My other brothers are doing very well God bless them and didn’t need the inheritance set forth by my parents in the original will.

    He had me come by one day to sign papers giving him total ownership, I said I would not sign. He then told me “you could try and fight in court but you are poor and can’t afford it” I the told him “but I have nothing” he said “I feel bad, but…”
    I had things stored in my moms attic, he has stolen all the valuable things from me plus a bunch of tools and other goods. This betrayal hurts bad because he not only did this but slandered me to family and friends. Im very sad and hurt by this but I remember scripture telling me how to deal with it. It still hurts but I gave it over to God.

    Thank you for this article, it was a blessing!

  20. OH MY GOD. I want to say that God loves you. That is a horrible thing you had to and still going through. Your special, don’t forget that. My father was murdered in 2008 and my mom is a complete narcisist. I had a so called best friend in Grade 7 that stole my sin card and I have had fraud after fraud committed against me. Ruining my credit for 23 years. I am 45 now and that former friend is a teacher and volunteer firefighter with Victoria, bc fire department and has had me placed onto the terrorist watch list. I have been gang stalked now since 13 and my life gets destroyed every 6 years or so the gang stalking goes overt on me. I am white and born in Vancouver, bc. I don’t know what to do without sounding crazy. He threatened me at 12 he would do this for not wanting to be friends with him. i feel like committing suicide. I’m so lonely. Last time recently this terrorist program hit me they forced me into hospital and gave me forced injections. im not crazy and have a solid mind even though they microwaved my brain and eyes last time 2 years ago. this terrorist program takes all your friends and family away from you and leaves you with no hope. They want me to commit suicide

  21. I just found out but always suspected I had three narcissists in my life…my mom, my little brother and elementary best friend who all planned for and got paid for every bad thing I have gone through since 13. I’m 45 and just found out my own mother and brother have had me placed on a terrorist watch list..I was recently gangstalked for sixth time in my life. They hit me in the head and eyes with energy weapons for two years Straight

  22. Betrayal sucks! Especially by parents and siblings, and even more so when you are their scapegoat. Things can never go back to the way they were before the betrayal. I cannot, and will not, forgive if they do not care enough about me to sincerly apologize. Fu*k my whole fam damily!

  23. Betrayal sucks! Especially by parents and siblings, and even more so when you are their scapegoat. Things can never go back to the way they were before the betrayal. I cannot, and will not, forgive if they do not care enough about me to sincerly apologize. Fu*k my whole fam damily!

  24. My Brother In law hired me in a IBEW Job He told me this was a great job He told me it was a Maintain man it turn out to be a porter cleaning floors and bathrooms and other dirty jobs with no advancement He told me I was in the union which I was not. I had limited amount of benefits compared to other union workers The day came after working there about Five Years He decided to retire. He force me to quit my job because they did not like him. I lost all my benefits they told me I was not there long enough. It was a who you know job. I was not included. Also he could not get any one to fill this position Mt family stop communicate with me My Sister and Brothers why I don t know why I did not do any thing to hurt them I thought I did good by helping him It been about 5 years they refuse to communicate with me .We used to be a close family with holidays together

  25. Thank you. I feel so bad because my brother and sister have disowned me. They want money and will never pay me back as this has been the case for years. I am retired now and they told me not to contact them and my sister has said I am dead to her. I guess if I hand over every penny I have they will welcome me back. However I can’t afford to lose money I will never get back. I would never hurt them they way they have hurt me. I have no other family other than my husband so I hav to try and be strong.

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