Evil Sister Terrorizes Sister and Mother

I am being Evicted from my mother’s land and my sister is making me go to court and making me pay for court cost and she is leaving my mother by myself and has made it so difficult for me that I cannot go help my mother because of my evil sister.

She has her 3 spy cameras and 3 Alexas and says she has them put up to watch mother but she has crossed a line with me that cannot be forgiven. My soul, mind, heart, body, and everything I have is on the line and she is enjoying herself.

Why is she ruining my life and everything including my time with my mother? I have not been able to get a shower. I am suffering and she is leaving my 84-year-old mother by herself from 8:pm until 8:am and I have just been bullied completely out of my mother’s life and off her land and none of them are doing anything about her mentally abusing me and my mother.

I am not able to do what she is telling me to do and she is doing it so I will lose my life forever, and my soul. This is by far the most she could ever do to ruin my life and make me sick and make me homeless and I will not make it through this and she is getting away with murder.

Why is she making me leave? She had my brother move out and because I was going to have my mother’s house inspected for black mold and asbestos, just to see what she has been breathing, all hell broke loose.

She has flipped it over on me, so she doesn’t get in trouble because she’s not been doing anything about my mother’s home.

She has stolen her identity and she has been making my mother live like a prisoner in her house and she has 3 spy cameras inside and 3 outside plus 3 Alexas. She monitors all my sisters and whoever else that have the spy cameras on their phone, so they can listen and watch everything that you say or do, then use them as weapons against me or my brother.

They are trying to make me lose everything and they have forced me out of my mother’s life. They have all betrayed me and disowned me and abused me and are all evil and deceitful. They lie and slander me and falsely accuse me of doing something all the time.

They never wanted me around. They want me gone because I stopped being their slave last month because they had been sending videos of me to different people and to my son making me look bad after they had provoked me to express anger. But she did show them that part. Only what she can use to manipulate me and slander my name.

My life is in danger of being abused and homeless for the wintertime and I don’t know what to do anymore. My RV is all I have for now.

All of them have husbands and homes and they have all been doing good.

They have never wanted me to be a part of the family and now they have evicted me and they do not seem to be sorry about it. They don’t have enough sense to know that they are going to have to pay for what they have done to me and to my mother.

She’s a prisoner in her home. They just let her sit in one place all day long and before I started working with her to get her to go to bed earlier they would just let her sit up in that chair all night. Never help her out.

All they seem to care about is money. It’s just a job to them because they are getting paid and they are making me leave because they have never wanted me around. They have always hated me and pretended otherwise, but it was all fake as they are.

They all think that they can get away with this mental cruelty and abuse and mistreating my mother and me and my brother.

Before they all showed up, we were a happy family. My brother lived in the basement and I had my RV outback. I don’t have any money to rent anything yet or a place to put my camper and everything I have.

I have just been sick and none of you so-called “family members” seem to care and they have not taken up for me. My mother is all alone now, because of foolishness, jealousy, greed, pride, stubbornness, and unforgiveness.

This is the straw the broke the camel’s back

This is not of God’s will and soon they will find themselves in trouble because they are wrong.

Linda May