Pain of Family Betrayal

Oh my, the pain, the hurt, the betrayal, the estrangement, and the loneliness!

I feel it all but I also feel love and gratitude.

I know who I don’t want to be and I thank those people who aren’t family who have listened to my anger and tears and stuck by me.

I feel for all of you who have shared your stories of betrayal by family members. I think we all should come together and build our own community of love and family.

Holidays, birthdays are the hardest and facebook hurts.

What thing I do know is things are not what they appear. Happy family photos aren’t even real most of the time.

Anyway, I won’t go on about my loss of family.

I can tell you I am 53, divorcing after 25 years of marriage, I’m estranged from one daughter, during a time I needed family my sister betrayed me and my mother and aunt who agreed with my betrayal have joined my sister as she is getting married and didn’t want to not be part of it. So I have been discarded.

I have had severe trauma from my father who is a narcissist over my life as well.

So that said I have to focus on what I do have… one daughter who does communicate with me, a few loyal friends and I have reunited with my first love of 30 years ago who is my rock and his lovely kind mother.

I have a new tribe. It’s very small, I lost a lot of friends over my divorce.

Anyway, I’m not perfect but I love deeply, I am loyal and I would help anyone and I have supported my mom and sister for all my life. Yes, you heard it: since I was 6 years old I raised my mother.

I’m a natural caregiver, however, those days are gone. I’m now going to nurture myself and those that truly show me love and respect. Life is too short and none of us know how long we have?

So please, you beautiful loving hurt souls… cry when you need to and validate yourselves, love yourselves, find your tribe…

Still, trust and be kind.

Those that have hurt us are not fully evolved in my book, but they gave us one gift and that is a spiritual awakening about ourselves and we have grown stronger and wiser because of this adversity.

My wish for us all…. peace and kindness ❤️ Now go find your tribe (New family)


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